D600 sensor dust timelapse after 7000 actuations

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Re: It may sound stupid..
The inside foam covering works like a dust magnet. Yesterday evening, when I opened it again there were three strings of fabric literally stuck on the foam on the left side. The foam in front of the mirror is also attracting dust. Could it be that when the mirror mechanism brushes the foam repeatedly, the foam becomes static and atracts dust? This would also explain the coating coming off.

So you have a similar issue with your camera losing the coating ?


Yes I have the same issue with the coating. It looks about the same as your pictures (so I suppose it must have been a lot worse on yours when you sent it to Nikon). I've also noticed the scratches on the lower shutter leaf that have been described in other posts. The walls of the mirror chamber on mine are indeed a dust magnet, although I suppose that may be by design in order to catch dust on the walls rather than on the sensor.

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