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Oly Kod wrote:

Favorite photographer of all time is Ansel Adams. His photos are what inspired me to get into photography but as a hobby & I cant say enough about his work. I had a photography instructor (Art Hand, http://www.arthurhand.com/#) who knew Ansel Adams. Art Hand opened my eyes & inspired me to want to pursue photography in some way.

Favorite photographer now is Angelo Bufalino. I cant say enough about his work either. He opened my eyes to think about how I take pictures of anything.



Michael Freeman, Michael Frye & Boyd Norton are also favorites.

To take a look at my photography, I have a Flickr. Here is the link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/joesphotography2/

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I love Jay Maisels works. I also enjoy Ed Kashi's work. I love the portraiture of Arnold Newman. Irving Penn's work inspires me a lot too.

You should visit Paris Photo next year, you would be in heaven!

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