NEX 6 questions

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Re: NEX 6 questions

nevada5 wrote:

The camera will continuously focus - without half-pressing the shutter - when in single-shot autofocus. Is this normal? Aside from switching to manual focus mode, can this be shut off?

Same here. Haven't found a way to disable this "undocumented behaviour". Honestly, until you raised it I didn't even notice because I have my LCD set to "For viewfinder" mode.

Second - this seems odd and obvious but I'll ask anyway because it's a bit baffling. The specs show the LCD size is 3". But comparing it to the 3" LCD on my Canon G1 X, it's almost a half inch smaller. Diagonally the Canon measures 3" but the Sony's actual image area is 2-9/16". So am I missing something or is this all about pumping up the spec sheet for marketing?

The LCD screen is 3". The "live view" image doesn't take up the entire screen, there is a border to the right that is used to label the assigned function to the "Soft Key A" and "Soft Key B" buttons.



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