NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

ShinyFace wrote:

Vlad4D wrote:

I see 2 main reasons:

1. Sun light is missing in NEX shot (as other guys mentioned)

2. NEX has MUCH bigger sensor size than FZ28 and because of that on same aperture you have mush shallower depth of field and most of your image is out of focus. I would suggest to try for such landscape shots aperture of f/8 or maybe even smaller.

You can see from the next set I just uploaded above, the camera selected f/13 for the landscape and it's still not so nice.

But then again, at f13 diffraction (optical effect of small apertures) could be affecting sharpness, so it might have been better at f8 or f11. This is the 16mm at f11, JPG, old NEX-5:

I would strongly suggest forgetting iAuto and trying aperture priority A mode, centre meter and focus (recompose after focus lock on half-press if necessary), turn off focus-assist light (doesn't work well), Auto-DRO (to preserve shadows and highlights in high-contrast scenes). Leave ISO at base 200 in good light,  in low light dial it up, use auto-ISO and wider apertures, or switch to shutter priority S mode if shutter speeds aren't fast enough.

There is no magical "seeing/letting in more light" property the Panasonic has - there is only good exposure, unless your blending different shots for HDR etc. And the NEX sensor has more dynamic range and colour depth, scientifically proven!

You are aware of how much less of a given scene will be in sharpest focus at modest apertures like f.4 or 5.6 on the NEX? This is normal for a large APS-C sensor, a creative tool, and dependent on the distance to your subject & background. Also remember to turn OSS on when hand-holding, and off on a tripod. Use a bracing stance - stand steady, tilt the LCD up looking down, press your elbows in to your sides, press the camera to your torso, cradle the lens underneath with your left hand, squeeze the shutter carefully with your right thumb. The small-sensor Panasonic will be more forgiving of mild hand/camera shake.

Base ISO and the kit lens should be able to deliver great colour depth and dynamic range sharp JPGs straight out of the camera. This is 28mm, f5.6, ISO200 on the older, lesser, NEX-5 (I only lightly tweaked the camera's JPG - Standard style, Contrast & Saturation +1, sharpened in Photoshop). I focused on the closer rocks and let the background headland be a little blurred:

Have you noticed the Option button within any Creative setting to tweak sharpness/contrast/saturation? Standard or Options +1 for each is good for most situations, or Vivid for a punchier look.

It takes a while to get to grips with a new camera, and the larger sensor makes more demands on your skill and knowledge, for potentially better results. Good luck!


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