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Re: RX1 First Pictures

oVan wrote:

raimundo gaby wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

I was at Meijer Gardens today and took about 40 pictures of flowers and X-Mas trees and lights and ornaments. They had a tree representing many countries around the world and decorated as that country might decorate. I was shooting my NEX 5N and Zeiss 24. These are part of the shots I'll be comparing to my 5N / Zeiss 24 when my RX1 arrives.

Already looks like the RX1 is better, I think . . . but I really need same lighting and subject, etc.

I don't have the Nex 5N, but what impressed me the most today is the camera's incredibly shallow depth of field. I did some post processing on these pictures tonight, and they really look great (a nice improvement from the ones I posted here right out of the RX1)

Can you confirm that the RX1 ships with jpeg Fine settings instead of Extra Fine as default?

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Yes, it ships with Fine instead of extra Fine as default.

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