Nex 7 versus Xpro 1 and Olympus OMD

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Re: Nex 7 versus Xpro 1 and Olympus OMD

spacemn wrote:

Sorry, but you still havent realized that ISO6400 sensor sensitivity on OMD actually is almost equivalent to ISO3200 on the NEX. Just as what DXOMark predicted.

See the shutter speed? 1/1250 for NEX and 1/650 for the Oly. On top of that the NEX pic is even slightly overexposed (highlights on the bottle are "fatter" on the NEX compared to Oly). Hence it seems like that the NEX picture at ISO6400 compares very well to Oly at around ISO3200. Sensorwise the NEX-7 has around 1 stop better low light performance than the OMD at higher ISO's (>3200).

I was always wondering why respectable web sites like Dpreview do not care about that. People give their money to wrong brand partially because of such incorrect tests. And that's another reason why I avoid Olympus and Fuji - they trick customers right from start by stating wrong ISO, I can only imagine what other problems I may find after using those cameras longer.

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