Photo theft

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But let's not destroy her future ...

... it's not worth it.
I think it's enough now. We had a similar situation in my country last year when a well known professional (and a very good one) photographer got cought stealing pictures. But he held out claiming they were his and the story grew out of proportion and became national news. He finally came clean but maybe to late* (hope not).
* = The photographic community will probably keep him out in the cold for a long time, which might be even more stupid? I don't know him personally but he's probably a nice guy, he has helped a lot of photographers getting better. He came clean, apologized and I think he have payed more than enough.
People have done things a lot worse than that and then beeing "allowed" to make a comeback. It's a shame and a complete waste keeping him out of business.
Let's not do the same with Hera Bell.

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