NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

DtEW wrote:

Well, first of all, why are you pushing EV by 1 stop? That washes out your entire scene and blows out the sky. People generally want to run negative EVs for sunsets.

Yes, that's for sure one of the reasons. That for sure is getting you less blue int he skyes. If you dont know how to set exposure compensation  back to zero ,check the manual (ir is just the down arrow of the wheel).

It should be in zero for normal use. But you can play with it. To see more of the sky, set it to -1 or to -07. That means that the scene is darkened and you will get more from the sky. Of course, it will also darken other parts that you don't want to. It is a balancing game. The cameras try to guess it, but in the end, it should be you who decides.

Another thing would be to check HDR and DRO. IF DRO is off, try first setting DRO. This  will give you a bit more of dynamic range. IF that is not enough, or if it was already set (I think it is the default, but you may have accidentally change it, as you did with exposure compensation) use auto HDR. Auto HDR takes 3 pictures and tries to have 1 with all in it. Sometimes they look funky, sometimes they look great. It saves 2 images, one the HDR one, and the other the normal one, so even if the auto HDR looks funky, you have the normal one.

Another thing you can do is bracket. Depending on your model, you can have more options. The later cameras have more, but the older models, have only +-0.7 as max. I set that from time to time. It records 3 images and you can choose between different exposures for the best one. Afterwards, in your computer, you can delete the rest.

Finally, if at fails  there is RAW. Ok, raw intimidates a lot of new users (it did to me) but you can start with RAW+JPG , as I did, and when you feel secure (and realize you are wasting space with those JPGs, only save RAW. Use lightroom to start with, there are a lot of tutorials on using it.

Personally, for landscape I use a combination of RAW + bracketing, and I use the technivk of exposing to the right (brighter). I set exposure compensation to +0.7 and bracket so I get 3 exposures. One the one the camera thinks its the correct, another at +7 and a final one at +1.4. At home I choose the bigger one that doesn't clip highlights and process it. It takes more time, but I like it. Also makes me more careful I don't snap as crazy.

Probably this is already too much for you. I would tell you to right now change the exposure compensation for sure, and to play with it to understand it. And play with auto HDR. And in the future consider RAW. Thats all!

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