Why does Canon just not make a 24-85 2.8 IS L and stop messing about...

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Re: Why does Canon just not make a 24-85 2.8 IS L and stop messing about...

Emmm Canon cameras I've always felt are made by technicians and not by photographers, and here lies the problem. I am a Canon user. I flew over from Leica when they couldn't make a descent full frame digital camera, and still can't. Anyway at the time neither could Nikon, but Nikon who I started off with in life think like a photographer when they build a camera.

I'd rather have my camera build by tech-noobs than artists. I'll sleep easier when I know it has been tested and is as reliable as possible.

Don't get me wrong, the interface on Canon is excellent and very user friendly. But their top lenses are too fat and heavy and the zoom range of the mid range zoom quite stupid. I mean over the years 24, 28, 35 and 50 have been great to use, but I have never, and I say never once thought to myself I must have a 70mm. What an absolute rubbish step up. Leica's classic portrait lens was always a 90mm and I always felt that was slightly too long. 85mm is bang on. When you take of the 50 you're either thinking 85mm or you want to really get in there so it's 180mm or 200mm.

So why in the hell doesn't Canon just make a fantastic 24-85 2.8 IS L series and make everybody's day!

I'd rather have 85/1.8 for portrait work than any mid-range zoom from Canon. 24-70/2.8 mkI is the only one in Canon lineup that has decent bokeh, the others are average (24-70/2.8 mkII) or atrocious at bet (24-105/4), the jury is on for the new 24-70/4, but samples I saw are more into the later category than the former.

in short: I'd rather buy the less expensive light prime with good bokeh and spot on focal length.

then again - I don't shoot portraits...

Then follow up with a full frame range finder to go with it, with no stupid video mode for the classic unadulterated photographer? Canon I hope you are listening, speak and learn from professional photographers out in the field and not the guys who hang around writing articles for amateur magazines talking rubbish about nice bokeh, if I hear another comment about nice bokeh I'm going to be sick! I've never read "Oh this lense has nasty bokeh" it's absolute drivel.

sure, whatever...


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