Split focusing screen for SLR/n or 14n

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Re: Split focusing screen for SLR/n or 14n

Wanted to share an update for this. I got myself a K3 Nikon focussing screen for FM3A (split screen with microprism collar). It only required minor work to fit into Kodak SLR/n:

  • Taking off the sticking plastic tab - I used dremel tool bit it can be just filed off as well though it'll take longer
  • Filing off the sides by approximately 0.3-0.5mm each (short sides only) - I used just a small file for that. This step needs to be done carefully to avoid scratching the screen

It then fits perfectly into SLR/n. The matte/split screen side is facing the camera viewfinder so thickness of the screen does not matter - focusing remains as accurate as it is with the original SLR/n screen. By eye comparison the K3 screen look of the same transparency as the original one and I have not so far seen any problems with exposure. I suppose the spot metering on the central spot won't work reliably but that is to be expected.

I am not sure if this is the same as KatzEye are doing but overall cost is substantially cheaper (3x times cheaper in my case).

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