NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

DtEW wrote:

Well, first of all, why are you pushing EV by 1 stop? That washes out your entire scene and blows out the sky. People generally want to run negative EVs for sunsets.

I don't think I did that, the camera did...this was just after buying it so wasn't experimenting much at the time. But I'll keep that in mind. However, see below, I uploaded a sunset shot where the Panasonic chose 1EV and it worked fine...

Would I be correct in guessing that you are only working with OOC JPEGs? OOC JPEGs are entirely tunable for the characteristics you want. Have you tried a Creative Style, and the options for vibrancy within?

Yes, the sunset setting is not getting the results that I want. I've been experimenting a lot, honestly, just not finding any sweet spot. Certainly nothing near what the Panasonic would give me at dusk.

Also, the full light landscape shots on the Sony aren't better than the panasonic...

panasonic, ISO 100, f 5.6, 1/200

Sony, ISO 200, f 13, 1/320

One thing that can be said for sure: it has nothing to with the (non)availability of ISO100. Even with ISO100, the FZ28 is only capable of 10.1 EVs of DR and 17.9 bits of color depth, while even with "only" ISO200, the F3 has 12.3 EVs of DR, and 22.7 bits of color depth. The range of info that the F3 can capture is much, much more than the FZ28. The problem lies somewhere else.

Any idea where the problem lies, besides EV? I'll try to take some more Sony shots for comparison so you can see what I mean. I don't have any direct comparison shots. I'm doing the best I can to show what I mean, but I get frustrated and have deleted a lot of test shots.

panasonic, ISO 160, 1 EV, f/4, 1/200

Here you can see EV was 1 with the Panasonic and it worked fine.

Generally the Panasonic seemed to "let in" light when even my eyes didn't see it and then took brilliant twilight shots. What does that mean?

Sony ISO 200, f/8, 1/800

Here you can see the "creative" effect adding a lot (too much) texture but is a fun effect...but i don't want that effect always. I want more definition without the effect, in a more naturalistic way. Do you know what I mean?

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