deciding between Pentax Q and GRD 4

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Re: deciding between Pentax Q and GRD 4

Well, this is a comparison I didn't think would be made. A GRD vs a Q/Q10. I have played with both but know only a GRD3 very well. The Q is TINY. It looks like a toy camera - though it isn't but the camera requires a lot of careful placing of fingers and the controls are miniscule. Sweet though it is, I would say for everything except a limited depth of field, the GRD is the easier to handle and to use. The Q is tiny and draws attention for its size whereas the GRD is matt, black and no one knows that you are shooting,nor is likely to appreciate the quality of the shot you take with such an ordinary looking camera. Take the GRD if you want a camera that you can use without looking. The Q if you want to be seen. Most of what i take is on a GRD3. Very easy to use, very simple to adjust with the best User interface you are likely to meet. I cannot vouch for the Pentax but RICOH is a joy to use.


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