On the primacy of exposure

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Re: The truth V 2.0

Jack Hogan wrote:

Bob, I am not the lucky owner of a D800 like you (yet... :-), but it would be interesting to perform the test that we all thought we were participating in: 5 (or n) captures in rapid succession of the exact same scene, spanning a similar number of EVs and corrected in the raw converter of choice with the same general settings to produce approximately equal brightness and histogram - the EV span selected as a compromise to minimize distortions at either end of the tonal range.

It would be a good reference when talking about exposure versus brightness...

Yes, an experiment that I've done 'live' in a workshop, and I have a processing script which does it and actually produces much more consistent results than my haphazard manual equalisation. Maybe I'll do it again, more to inform, less to puzzle.

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