Running or similar photography with Nex-7??

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Re: Running or similar photography with Nex-7??

As long as the runners are not sprinting I think the NEX-7's continuous focus could work for you.

Here are three shots I took, using continuous focus mode, of a seagull taking off from in front of me flying towards me and to my left. I think a pretty tough test for the continuous focus mode.

I just hit the shutter button as soon as I saw the seagull was about to take off and followed it as best I could. The 3rd photo the bird was very close to me and I think I was moving the camera too fast for the 1/1250th/sec shutter speed to get a clear photo.

I used F9 aperture to maximize the depth of field.

Honestly if it is a special occasion with your daughter's running I would be experimenting like mad to make sure on the day you know what settings will work for you.

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