Are the camera prices heading for a crash?

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Hennie de Ruyter
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Re: Are the camera prices heading for a crash?

124c41 wrote:

jon404 wrote:

Unfortunately, from Ken Rockwell --

"Nikon's Worst DSLR — Ever."


DPR said:

"The D3000 may not have all the latest bells and whistles feature-wise, but what it does it does extremely well. If you can live without live view and movie modes it's the perfect beginner's camera.

Original Rating (Dec 2009): Highly Recommended"

The D3100 is considerably better even if you disregard the live view and movie mode. I love mine. It can also be obtained cheaply nowadays. But it does not have the nice grid line display the D3000 had (in the optical view finder to help one avoid skew horizons) 

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