Which camera has lowest noise on market

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Re: Which camera has lowest noise on market

All the other canikon full frames released 2012 have very more or less the same noise levels at high iso.

Have a look here:


Expect the 6d to perform almost identically to the other Canons, with worse DR than the Nikons at base ISO and equal porformance at high ISO. If you look at the 5d3 curve you can see something fishy going on at the very high ISO end. That is some kind of cooking of the raw file. Maybe Canon will do like Pentax and bring that down to around 6400 or so, who knows.

All the cameras released this year from canon, nikon, pentax and fuji follows the same high ISO pattern. They are about 1 stop from theoretical maximum. The only camera that stands out from it is the olympus OM-D E-M5. It seems to achieve almost on par with what is possible within the laws of nature. Either they have taken the final performance leap and this is how the future is going to look like or there is cooking going on all the way down to base ISO.

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