Wildlife video recording with D4

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Re: Wildlife video recording with D4

Hi Peter,

You have raised some interesting issues.

I noticed the AF chatter on your video.  Having spoken with an ex-pro cameraman, he recommends that once you have focused, switch off the AF or edit out the AF hunting.  I believe your chatter is made worse by using the internal mic.  It even picks up the lens image stabiliser sound.

I bought the Nikon ME-1 and tied it to a branch via a 5 metre cable.  Therefore I only get the background sound.  The noise you hear in the Kingfisher shower video, is the rain on the cloth hide from which I’m filming.

The videos are tack sharp when viewing the originals, bar the close up head shot.  Sadly there is a train running by in that sequence but I guess that’s why wildlife footage is always backed up with music.

I do like your cross fade sequences, something I will have to try.


Charlie (UK)

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