Will Sony Ever make a NEX 1.4 Aperture Lens?

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Re: Will Sony Ever make a NEX 1.4 Aperture Lens?

DtEW wrote:

My point was that there is no comparable offering (nor even one on the horizon) by Canon and Nikon. The only APS-C f/1.4 lenses out there are for dSLRs/dSLTs, not APS-C mirrorless (m43 is another creature altogether). People will not be flee to Canon and Nikon because there is nothing to flee to.

Well there is the Fuji X line which folks can and sometimes do flock to if a more traditional lens lineup w/ 1.4 speed is a big priority (that does appeal to me, alas other things about that system do not).

I agree it would be cool to see more faster primes developed specifically for APS-C mirrorless, though it does seem to be an uphill battle.

It doesn't help that full-frame is becoming ever more attainable for folks who really crave shallower focus that much. Which would you prefer: a good $100 or $300 50mm lens on full-frame or a f/1 or 0.7 35mm for APS-C that would probably cost more than the whole FF system if it were done half properly?

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