I feel ripped off by Nikon 1 system

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Jared Huntr wrote:

No one put a gun to your head to buy it at the original higher price. If you paid that price, then obviously, compared to other cameras at the time, you thought it was worth it. This is a very important point. The value that the camera brings to your life doesn't change just because Nikon puts a different price tag on it.

IMO, some are pssed off because the price drop has put a dent into their usual short annual cycle of buy-play-and-resell of digicams. For them, it's more about playing with the latest and greatest toy and ditching it for the next model with minimal loss. The photographic aspect is secondary.


If the photographic performance of the equipment is first and foremost, and it still fulfills this role to date, then in my book, it was worth what you paid for it 6 months ago.Sure, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth if the drop is so massive. But then again, that's the OPs perceived value of the gear. I disagree with many who think the N1 series is a good deal, but then again, I respect the contrary opinion.

Personally, I think the N1 series is too expensive and IMHO, not sustainable in the long run. What I mean here  is, if Nikon is seriously thinking of it as a long term system that must be sustained, then I'm sorry to say that it's bound to fail. I think it is a strategic mistake that is hard to get out of, short of admitting it is later on when they decide to stop it and come out with something that is truly sustainable. We can debate all about it till we all turn blue, so I won't. From my side of the fence, I won't have the angst, or frustration because I won't invest in it.

OTOH, if people are happy with it, who am I to spoil their party? But the reality of it is, it's not doing well. In our country, in one camera store, I handled the V1, J1, G5, Nex' etc side by side. For me, the controls were not intuitive. That is just me. So, even with a massive price drop, I would go for the RX100 or a NEX 5n.

I also have this simple rule I try to follow when buying a new release - the "3-6 month do not buy rule." IF something is new, I delay buying it. First and foremost, anyt gochas and the bugs get out of the woodwork and hopefully are fixed. 2nd, reason is that the price stabilizes and literally, one can save between U$50-200 on avg. Of course it depends on the item, but still the savings are there. Unless I need the item badly, I wait.

Late January 2013, I'm already booked for a wedding as a videographer. I will buy an RX100 to use as a videocamera. Because of this 3-6 month rule, I have gathered substantial info on how the RX100 (and other contenders would perform). The web sites are full of sample shots, video, thus I was able to decide that it would be able to handle the task I plan for it. But because the RX100 is well received, the price drop I am able to get is only U$50 or so.

And this is a simple signal people may need to listen to - if the product is good, the price will likely hold for a long time. If it is not, then, it will drop rapidly. There are exceptions of course, but in N1's case, this one applies handily. Now, if the J2/V2 follows the same route again next year, then that's strike 2 already on the N1 system.  The problem with the N1 is not a feature set or performance standard that it needs to correct or upgrade. The problem is, like the Pentax Q, Nikon created a system that is not correctable in the future because they chose the wrong sensor size. It is simply not going to be sustainable. The only way for it to survive is to price it low always (ca U$400-600) and that includes the accessories and lenses. Now that is going to be hard to do.

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