Change mounts on Vivitar Series 1 lenses?

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Re: Different flange distance and aperture couling

Heritage Cameras wrote:

dougc-3 wrote:

Thanks very much for the quick reply and information!

Erik Magnuson wrote:

IIRC, D5000 doesn't meter with non-CPU lenses.

Too bad. I was hoping it would meter in manual or aperture-preferred mode. (I have a Tamron Adaptall 2 Nikon adapter on order to use with a Tamron 500mm mirror lens, and I'm hoping to be able to use it in manual and ap-pref modes on the D5000 -- of course I know this is entirely different from the lenses in question.)

Unfortunately, as Erik points out, this won't work. The D5000 will only fire on manual, and there's no metering at all. There is a way of adding a chip (US$30) to manual lenses to allow metering, an eBay search for NIKON EURO CHIP will find one, and there's a very comprehensive description of the process here:

I haven't tried adding one of these chips to a Tamron Adaptall mount, so you might want to double check the dimensions first. Once fitted, the chip can be programmed for the characteristics of the lens (in this case 500mm and f/8), so the D5000 will then work in aperture priority auto exposure mode.

Hope this helps.

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Dave, HCL

Thanks for the additional information and the chip link, Dave. I have run across articles about "chipped" lenses in the past, superficially, and should have known it would be required here.

The Adaptall II adapter arrived today, and seems to fit very well.  The Tamron f/8 looks very spiffy on the D5000, clearing the flash overhang by about 1/8 inch.  I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of the adapter (US$19.95 from Fotodiox via Amazon) just guestimating exposure and attempting shots of moon craters and Nuthatch nest holes in treetops, etc.  I could even dust off the old external meter I used in 1965 with my Argus C3 and see if batteries are still made for it! At an effective 750mm I'm sure these will all be tripod shots, and the articulating LCD should come in handy.  If I eventually do anything further with this lens or the Vivitar Series 1 lenses, I'll report back.

Thanks again,


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