D600 sensor dust timelapse after 7000 actuations

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Re: Here's mine after they 'repaired' the mirror plate
Notice the similar greyish color between the bright spots at the bottom part of the plate and in the triangle. I can see with my own eyes that the triangle lies somewhat deeper and looks "flatter": as if there was less coating on it.

When I sent it in the first time it was worse than this. When it came back it was all black again, as if the plate had been replaced. I did notice the triangle though. They put about 600 frames extra on the camera so I guess they tested it.

What you see here is about 140 pictures after I got it back from Nikon.


That's interresting, I have the coating coming off on mine as well, but I don't see the triangle (I just had a look to make sure). Just to confirm I understood you correctly: the triangle was there before as well as after the Nikon repair? Have you noticed any difference in the dust accumulation since the repair?

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