Mirror vibration DOES matter, particularly for high MP sensors

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Re: Don't tell the people that defended Sony when they removed MLU

Preternatural Stuff wrote:

fjbyrne wrote:

MLU has always been needed on SLRs. I remember the battles back when Sony removed MLU (or didn't include it - depends on your point of view) on the A2XX, A3XX, A4XX and A5XX cameras. The blind defenders claimed it wasn't needed even though there was clear evidence it was ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1037&message=34949341 ). Of course Sony removed the need for MLU with the SLT design so now those people are claiming what an advantage that is (even though the claimed MLU wasn't needed). BTW this is not directed at you Mike.

Sorry. I had to get that off my chest

Funny how you make it sound like only Sony removed mirror lock up from their bodies? All brands, yes, even your Canikons remove it from their low end consumer bodies because of budget constraints. & also cos consumers were too ignorant to understand this fundamental issue which has existed since the first SLR was made.

That's why mirrors are a relic from the dinosaur era of film technology and really has no place in the digital age. Wake up & notice the industry change. Half of all interchangeable lens users in Japan are NEX/m4/3. If you add the SLT group to the rising numbers ... go figure.

From a purely photography technique point of view, the mirrorless brigade actually have a big technical advantage over the Canikon brigade in terms of sharper and more useable images (at normal print sizes). Especially when you consider that all of them have in-body image stabilisation too.

Technology always changes and people move on. All these companies will change. What matters is just the timing to do it. Even EVF will be adopted but it has to be perfected first before it can be implemented in higher end cameras. If you go around the orums particulrly in the high end forums, you wont find people sighting the EVF as a missing feature. While it offers some advantages some are not ready to embrace its downsides. But it will replace OVFs at one point, tht I am certain about.

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