Mirror vibration DOES matter, particularly for high MP sensors

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Re: Mirror vibration DOES matter, particularly for high MP sensors

Preternatural Stuff wrote:

- Exactly the kind of blinkered tosh from the Canikon brigade that I've repeatedly referenced in my many posts ... see

"The pixel peepers whine about the -0.4EV loss of light due to the SLT designs - something many photographers can't spot anyway. How many of u can really tell whether a shot is 0.4EV over-exposed or under-exposed? I doubt it and even if you could many of u would probably put it down to aesthetic preference.

& please don't start with that 'I'll just use mirror lock-up' tosh. You can't do that with many types of dynamic subject matter such as street photography, portraits, sports, dance etc. etc. Let alone situations that preclude the use of tripods and cable releases.

But the greater significance is this - the mirrorless revolution has given micro 4/3, NEX and SLT users a significant performance gain over the Canikon old school brigade who are still naive enough to believe all that gospel BS they are being fed. Without going into pixel peeping, I can unequivocally say that many m4/3/NEX users are taking technically far superior photos compared to the Canikon brigade, even despite the smaller sensor sizes.

You think the mirror vibration test results are not significant enough? Wait till you see the in-body image stabilisation for all lenses! Incidentally a standard feature for all SLT/NEX / m4/3!"

- BTW, that's up to a 4.5 stop light advantage all Sony SLTs have over the Canikons without image stabilisation. If I can shoot at ISO 800 with a wide angle lens while you shoot have to shoot at ISO 12800, who has the higher IQ? Pun intended.

I thought Alice in Wonderland was just a fairytale, but I m not so sure about it anymore After reding this. Test and comaprions do prove that Sony cameras are a little bit noisy than the others. A99 while being good in Sonyland is still behind Nikon D600. However, when it comes to sharpness, can you seriously tell me that sharp photos are only found in Sony land? If we go around the forums, are you telling me that we will get that impression from this Forum?

many have touted the importance of seeing exposure changes in the evf and how it helps to nail exposure and yet you find still underexposed images in this forum. So what happens? These cameras dont replace the photographer. I know you want Sony to grow and take over the world but probably not many users are yet ready to go on board. Be patient man.

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