Is there really no way to eliminate the on camera flash for the OM-D?

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rkeller wrote:

bcalkins wrote:

Thanks for the help, appreciate you taking the time. I think I'm headed to radio triggers, for other reasons as well...

Problems with that strategy:

  • No FP mode
  • No TTL mode
  • No controlling output from camera; have to set each flash body manually.
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I agree that while radio triggers 'solve' my problem with the extra little bit of on camera light, they don't replace the optical trigger as I will lose RP, TTL and on camera Manual control.  However, the only time I really use TTL is with on camera bounced flash in a dynamic situation.  Everywhere else (studio especially) I much prefer manual exposure for camera and flash.

To be honest, I find the Olympus flash system to be not much to write home about.  The FL-600R is OK for light work, but the controls are fiddly and modal (don't always do the same thing).  The TTL is unpredictable and often underexposes - I seem to fight exposure as much as with manual flashes.  Finally, when I really want high speed shutter is exactly when optical trigger perform at their worst.  I just don't see expanding out with the Olympus system flases, and as soon as I make that call I'm into much less expensive non brand flashes and radio triggers that will work with any system (with your caveats in mind).  Radio triggers gain me the ability to not have to focus onmaintaining line of sight, a plus when working with certain modifiers and flashes that only tilt.  Gets rid of the double flash and puts a long lasting trigger on the camera - that doesn't draw battery power from my camera.

No question that there are as many ways to outfit yourself for 'wireless' flash as there are photographers - and to be honest a lot that I do could easily be done with a wire, too.  I will be the first to admit I just want to try wireless radio triggers out, and this is one of many excuses   Got my triggers tonight and they are so much easier to quickly get working - no messing with the fiddly Olympus data port covers!

Thanks for the note...

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