fuji x pro 1 focusing error

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Re: fuji x pro 1 focusing error

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ok, folks. enjoy your XP1.

I have the same error with the focus. I recently switched from a X100, I have two X100s, one silver one black, neither of them perform in this way.

I've been using D700/D800/D3/D3s, 5D Mark I/II/III. There must be a design flaw of the X-pro 1. Or at least Fuji should allow user to change the focus frame size in OVF mode.

I found the solution for this issue, that you need to turn on "Corrected AF Frame". It seems that Fuji designed it this way on purpose --- to let the focus point "shift" to the higher contrast part, so it can focus "faster". While they didn't give any notice that the focus point "shifited" if you turn that feature off, so you thought the camera "misfired".

While this is a solution, I still wondering if Fuji's engineer is drunk when they design this part, totally nonsense.

That is not at all what the corrected af frame is doing. The corrected af frame is simply adjusting for parallax, trying to show where the af point actually is at the distance focused at. The closer you get, the more the point that looks to be at the middle of the viewfinder  moves to the bottom right corner of the frame.

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