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Re: Foveon colors

xpatUSA wrote:

Your experience is opposite to mine but on the SD9 whose color inaccuracy is documented ad nauseam in this forum. I sold mine in despair at those brown reds under artificial lighting which are still evident in the SD1 review on this site. Later, I bought an SD10 which seemed greatly improved in that regard. Meanwhile, my humble Nikon D50 produces very accurate colors in RAW/ACR (camera neutral profile). According to the MacBeth card, anyway.

According to a paper by the Foveon guys, the sensor does not suffer from "color noise" (actually color aliasing).

Public definitely seems to prefer huge resolution, enormous ISOs, ultra-high frame rates and now HD movies with stereo recording and not forgetting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Android with live touchscreens. All that for just a buck or two. Excuse me, while I puke

No puking on the forum -- if you don't mind!

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