I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

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Re: I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

Glen78 wrote:

Call me cynical but I am somewhat dubious of thie OP's claim for a few reasons:

1. The picture is really nothing spectacular, it does not engage me in a way to give it more than a passing thought. I find it hard to believe that this was the winner at photo contest with a $500 prize.

I can see it...not a bad shot at all.

2. The OP seems to be way too full of himself for winning it.

Well...that IS Neil.

3. I think Ritz Camera has been out of business for a few months now.

You tell me - http://www.ritzcamera.com/

4. No other substantiating documentation, would be nice to see a photo of the prize ribbon or gift card.

Although if its this easy maybe I should start entering contests.

Yes....please do. Its a little more difficult than you might think.


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