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pixelarte wrote:

It makes me wonder how people managed in the old 35mm film camera days prior to autofocus being introduced. You only need to look at the work of documentary and sports photographers from past decades who managed fine with nothing but manual focusing and produced stunning photographs even of fast moving subjects.

Personally and it is my own opinion I think we are all getting a bit too obsessed with which camera has the fastest autofocus.


Personally, if the Fuji X system actually had MF that was even similar to the manual focus we had back in the old days, I personally wouldn't care much about the AF issues with my XE1.

But since the manual focus implementation (on my XE1) just down right unuseable, unless you're shooting something that's not moving - then I think Fuji should at least work on their AF - either they make it really fast, even if sometimes inaccurate - like Canon or Nikon, or not fast-ish, but generally reliable - like Pentax.

Another thing I'm personally disappointed with is that Fuji tried to go with the "analogue" and "old-school" look with the shutter speed dial and aperture ring on the lenses - but then decided to implement focus by wire and eliminate the DOF scales.. I know the 14mm is supposed to have DOF scales, and hopefully the 23mm will as well, so I guess it remains to be seen how well they can implement this.

Yeah, I know there is an on-screen DOF scale, but on-the-lens would still be far more useful, that way you can take one glance at your camera and you'll know what shutter speed, aperture and distance you're at.

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