YongNuo rf-603C Flash Trigger Synch Speed

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Best rubber bands to retain the Yongnuos

I'm resurrecting this year-old thread because I just discovered a great solution to the absent hot-shoe lock on the Yongnuo 603C.

These triggers stay in a hot-shoe without assistance when used as a remote shutter-release, or as a remote flash-trigger.  But, if you mount a flash atop the trigger, the trigger and flash can slip out of the hot shoe.

The best thing I've found for use with my Canon 5D2 is USA size#64 (3.5" x 1/4") rubber bands.  Office Depot stores sell them. I dress them under the lens (on the flat of the lens-mount bulge of the body), then up, over, and behind the hotshoe.  They prevent anything in the hotshoe from moving rearwards.  I use two at a time, just in case one breaks.

This size works perfectly.  It does not contact the lens or interfere with the preview or lens release buttons.  I'd rather have a scerw clamp, but this is the next best thing that I've seen.

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