Interesting comparison of XE1 to the RX1 at iso 3200

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Re: X-Pro 1 / X-Trans in-camera JPG compared to RX1 JPG

sroute wrote:

I won't cross post the entire post - details and images available here:

Be sure to view the gallery link(s) to see the full size images 100% crops.

Curiousity killed the cat and a little more time - to make an apples to apples comparison, as best we can, I decided to look at in-camera JPGs only. I compared X-Pro1 and RX1 files, pitching the X-Pro1 ISO3200 file with "NR1" setting applied against the RX1 ISO3200 files with "NR0" and "NR1" applied.

Again, all are in-camera JPGs, which is precisely what NOLA JAMES was interested in. I should have done this sooner but my own interest is in the raw files of both.

There are sharpening halos on the Sony images and a lot of splotchy chroma noise on the grey background on the Sony images.

Again, these are not equalised. Zero NR for JPEGs can mean anything.

I am not expecting a 24MP FF sensor to be inferior, just that this proves absolutely nothing except that you don't understand what you are doing here.

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