Why are my pics all blurry?

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Re: Ha! ha!

tedolf wrote:

rpm40 wrote:

tedolf wrote:

peter ny wrote:

It was kind of you to offer to help the op privately.

And exaclty how is he going to help him without the sample photo's and the EXIF data?


Since there is no chance you might learn manners, maybe you could learn punctuation?

Not a chance

Photos. Not photo's.


You are wrong on this one. Photo's is an abreviated version of Photographs. The apostorphy (apostrophie?....this thing here (')) takes the place of the missing letters.

Photos is not a word.

Photo's is.

You do it every time.

And I love doing it.

I had to read it nearly a dozen times in this thread alone. What does the photo possess? I know, I know... "what photo's?"

Not possesisve.

Just like "it's" is not possesive.

I just figured your antagonism might be more effective if you sound more credible.

My antagonism is devestating as it is.

I would not want it to be any more powerful.

Thanks for posting!

Oh no.....than YOU for posting!


No, Tedolph, you are wrong on this one. "Photo" is a noun, synonomous with "photograph." Its plural is "photos." Look it up:


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