Read the news: 14mm f/2.8 delayed

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Scott McL
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Why should we believe this thin PR excuse?

For all we know, the 14mm might be not-up-to snuff, or hitting snags in the transition from design and prototype to real world manufacturing tolerances. Who knows? Makes me nervous.

With well earned enthusiasm over the X-E1, you'd think Fuji would have it's act together enough to crank out product on time and capitalize on this market enthusiasm. Instead - stupid fumble.

Does this mean the *other* lenses on its lineup are going to be late too? For my purposes (small camera) I do not think I would purchase on X-E1 unless the "pancake" lens proves to be a truly "best-of-breed" small lenses of that type (compare to other "pancakes" - Nikon, Voightlander, blah blah).

The longer the exact quality, size and pricing of the lenses remains a mystery, the longer I won't buy into the system. I don't have extra money laying around to make purchase mistakes being an "early adopter" (I never understand why anyone would "preorder" any camera gear - weird).

By the time Fuji produces enough lenses in their road map, I'll likely be able to put X-E1 head-to-head against Nikon's D7000 successor on a straight bang-for-the-buck basis.

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