RX1 First Pictures, Second Set of Pictures

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raimundo gaby
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Re: RX1 First Pictures, Second Set of Pictures

sean lancaster wrote:

raimundo gaby wrote:

WCguy wrote:

Congrats on your new RX1, very nice start. It will be interesting how it preforms when the snow is on the ground. Sroute must have snow out there in Western Canada. So how do you like it so far, feel, weight, grip, size? WC

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I Love it buddy. Coming from a D800, 3 lenses, and RRS Tripod, the weight of this camera with the Tamrac Zipshot feels like feather. Really. This is a really nice change for me because of back problems I developed in these past two years. The camera is solid, and I have no problems with the grip. I think you are going love the camera as well. The AF hunts in low light, but I expected that... The micro function is my favorite, and I am looking forward to playing with the Watercolor function...

Date on all shots is March 12, 2012. How did you get the camera so early and not spill the beans?


That's is funny. I thought I had set the date, I guess I did, but really off....

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