Need Help Determining Which Body - 5DM2, 5DM3 (limited budget), 6D or 7D

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Re: Need Help Determining Which Body - 5DM2, 5DM3 (limited budget), 6D or 7D

lemming2008 wrote:

I have a 7D, 5D2, and 5D3. All these cameras would represent a significant step up for you (as you'd hope, given the $$$s). For most of your uses, and better high ISO performance, full frame is the best option. Unfortunately, in my experience the 5D2's AF and frame rate have trouble keeping up with sports. Admittedly, this depends a bit on the sport and AF may still be better than the XSi's.

You already have some great lenses. If you can afford it, I'd say the 5D3 is worth the money (especially now that it has come down in price a bit). Full frame, solid AF, lets you crank the ISO, and has a silent shutter mode which I am really enjoying. If you are undecided, the best way to find out is to try them in your real world shooting conditions; hopefully you can find a local photographer to borrow from, failing that I see BorrowLenses offers a 7D for 3 days at $70, the others for a bit more.

For pro work, as the previous poster mentioned, there's value in having a second camera around. So you may not be retiring your existing camera - keep it around with a second lens option.

Only you know your  budget and you are concerned about it. I am loathe to get people to buy things that aren't really fiscally responsible. Quite honestly the 5D2 with an AF assist light will be perfectly fine.. borrow if you doubt and right now the used prices of these are basically free. Get one and use the hell out of it until that 5D2 puts money in your bank for the 5D3 and some change and then if you want get yourself the 5D3 as a present and use the 5D2 as your 2nd body .. (this keeps all your focal lengths the same and having the fixed focal / zoom or two zoom bodies tends to work really well when you want a diversity of shots and people are paying you for it)

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