Used Mac Pro vs tricked out Mac Mini i7

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Re: Used Mac Pro vs tricked out Mac Mini i7

I think that the integrated vs. discrete GPU controversy is over-blown; many of the posts denigrating the HD4000 are by people who haven't actually used it. Some processes do take advantage of the GPU; if you think that the GPU may be a sticking point there are first-hand experiences and comparison tests available on the Internet. just published a comparison between the Mac Mini and iMac that focuses on the GPUs; if you regularly do the kinds of Photoshop edits detailed in the review then a discrete card may be a more prudent choice. (if that is the case then I would go for a 15"MBP over an iMac or MacPro.)

No It's not - and for the reasons you mentioned.  The issue isn't so much photoshop  - although it will be up the road.  Most intel macs can handle still files - no magic there - it's fcp and other video editing programs - as well as aperture and any apple graphics programs.  I bring up the concern because the OP mentions video.

Regarding the 4000 - even intel regards it as a placeholder and it will be replaced soon.  Prior minis had discrete cards - why did Apple discontinue this especially in light of their overt shift to gpu processing.  I'm sure there's a superbly crafted answer somewhere.

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