Sony 16-50 kit lens

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Re: Sony 16-50 kit lens

technomad wrote:

My problem is not that the lens uses software correction in-camera to achieve its design goals, but that there doesn't seem to be an equivalent tool to allow that correction to take place outside of the camera after shooting RAW. DXOPro doesn't support any of the modern NEX lenses and there doesn't appear to be anything from Sony. So how do we shoot RAW and then correct for the lens design in post-processing, given that the in-camera algorithms will be very finely matched to the lens optics and way better than anything we could manage by eye in post?

There are many options available for distortion correction for E-mount lenses. DxO has profiles for all Sony and Sigma lenses (except for those coming available, and those profiles should be available soon). The Adobe Lens Profile downloader has profiles for many E-mount lenses as well. And Sony's raw converter should support the lenses as well (soon if not now for the new lenses).

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