Will Sony Ever make a NEX 1.4 Aperture Lens?

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Re: Will Sony Ever make a NEX 1.4 Aperture Lens?

ImagesInstyle wrote:

dont know if this has been asked, but i think its tiime sony makes some more fast glass.

there 1.8 is good, but 1.4 is faster. and so what it may be a little bigger..

i need a lens that is sharp and fast in low light.

Which focal length are you searching for?

For me .... I wish Sony would develop a 35F14. Even better a 35F12.

Whatever people say the 1.4 is just for a different purpose than a 1.8 and that's the whole reason Sony should make a 1.4. Peoples needs change in time and so does there interest in fast aperture primes. If, in time of course, Sony can't fulfill this they will lose peoples interest and these people will search for other brands who can fulfill there needs i.e. Canon and Nikon.

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