RX1 First Pictures, Second Set of Pictures

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raimundo gaby
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Re: RX1 First Pictures, Second Set of Pictures

Len_Gee wrote:

raimundo gaby wrote:

Enjoy them, I am looking forward to learning more, before I go shooting again


Nice pictures.

It sounds like you are really enjoying your RX1. Are your in-camera settings just at default ?

One thing I noticed is a bright blue spot in some of your pictures. What do you think that is from? Is that from the lens element coating?

Or do you think it is related to sensor or lens flare?

Thanks for posting and looking forward to seeing more.

Hi Lee, I literally turned on the camera and went shooting.  I need to go over the guide, and adjust things to my needs. The blue light is really because of some blue lights in the posts on Vassar Campus. Yes, I am excited. I only had two hours for shooting, but I felt I needed to post some pictures here, since the folks in this forum have been so helpful.... I confess I felt rushed, and the pictures may reflect that.

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