How do I find the best Point and Shoot Camera?

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Re: How do I find the best Point and Shoot Camera?

It seems you can get a used Olympus E-PL1 in your price point. It is a compact m4/3 system camera that would get you closer to DSLr quality with its much larger sensor, but is still relatively compact.

on Black Friday, there was a deal on the Canon s100 for $229 (photographically much better than run-of-the mill point and shoots with a bigger sensor and a faster lens...but it's not as much zoom (which usually matters most for animal/bird watching in travel photography.

For the Sony, I have an HX30 and really enjoy it, but lookup the review here and look at the sample pics.  While no one has pointed out it impacts the quality of prints, the "watercolor" effect at the pixel-peeping level is a negative to some, while others really like Sony's overall responsiveness, video, and metering.

I'd also look into the Canon sx260 (I think BestBuy has it for $199 this week) and the Panasonic ZS15 and ZS20  and their reviews here.

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