What's a basic, affordable Panoramic Head?

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Re: Gimbal-Tripod-Head-BK-45

If you are using only one lens and are ok with one-row panoramas, you can make your own no-parallax-point offset - need only 2 holes, one for tripod, one for camera tripod mount.

Or you could use the plumb-bob and penny method for handheld wide angle panoramas. You can estimate your camera and lens combination's no-parallax-point. Then hold camera as usual - where does the no-parallax point fall on your fingers/camera body? Note this. Get a string and tie a small  light weight to one end. Take the other end of the string in your camera-holding hand, hold camera at usual height, have someone else pull on your end of the string until the weight is 1" to 3" off the ground. Mark string and tie a finger-sized loop at that height. To use, put the penny on the ground to mark your pivot point. Put the loop over a finger on the camera-holding hand, and adjust the loop or your hold so the loop end is at the no-parallax point. Hold camera so that the weight is exactly above the penny. Take picture, move around the penny, position camera and take picture, etc. Zenith and nadir photos have to be by guesswork.

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