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I bought the OM-D as an upgrade to my G3 that I was never happy with. The OM-D is, in my opinion, a worthy upgrade to the G3.

12-50 @ macro, ISO 3200, 1/15 sec

This and the poinsettia below were both shot under those crappy compact flourescent lights

45-200, ISO 1600, 1/250 sec



My opinion is that for initial test shots, the files are good,but can be improved in post processing.

In the bird picture I would selectively color correct and sharpen to seperate tha the bird and branch from the background.

Thanks for sharing your initial photos !

that looks a whole lot better.

How did you do that?


On my monitor the file seemed to have an equal overall yellowish cast.

In photoshop I copied the background layer.

I then went to Filter>Blur>Average. I then inverted the layer and it turned a light bluish tone. I changed the layer blending mode to Color and dropped the opacity to 24% ( this number is not critical just adjust to taste) the golden/yellow cast pretty much disappeared.

I did find the original golden yellow cast appealing, so I made a Black Mask to hide the correction that I just made. On the Black Mask with a white brush I painted back in the correction where I wanted it, on the bird and the branch where he is perched. The bird and branch were now seperated by color tone giving a sense of depth.

To further emphasize the seperation I sharpened the file and then copied the mask from the color correction layer to the sharpening layer. This kept the sharpening from affecting the background and kept it golden and softer than the bird and branch.

It takes a lot longer to write out the above procedure than actually perform the edit. I hope this helps in understanding my edit. There are other ways to accomplish pretty much the same effect, but I chose this one because the cast was consistent throughout the file and the edit is fast and simple.

I am just going to have to bite the bullet and learn PhotoShop.

I have corel Paint Shop Pro but I have a hared time trying to get layers to work right.


I've never used Paint Shop Pro so I can't comment on its ease of use with layers and masks, I don't even know if Paint Shop Pro utilizes  a layers and masks function:-). My experience with Photoshop became easier when I limited my learning experiences to just photographic type edits. In other words I didn't try to learn all the graphic and typographic capabilities of Photoshop.

Another consideration is that Adobe seems to be emphasizing less dependence on masks and layers  for photographic edits. As I write this I can think of a few ways to accomplish my edit in Camera Raw without the use of the photoshop masks and layers feature. I only used Photoshop because the file led me there, but Camera Raw may have been a better choice.

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