I have a question about shutter priority mode?

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Re: I have a question about shutter priority mode?

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Thanks for all of your responses. I basically know all of this but apparently not well enough to be able to call upon the knowledge fast enough. I was trying for the milky effect of water, but didn't have a tripod with me, and the conditions couldn't really have been worse. Bright midday sun and I was in a hurry, so I thought I could just switch to Tv mode and everything would be cool. I didn't have the time to think things through.

Suffice it to say, I am aware and fairly knowledgeable in photo 101, I just don't have the experience yet to be able to do things on the fly.

Thanks again.

As Chevy69 said what you want is to do is use a neutral density filter or a variable neutral density filter, this will allow you to slow the shutter like you want.


Would there be an issue using an ND filter for faster-moving subjects like sports? A situation I run into is outdoor field sports with very bright sunshine. I'd like to keep the aperture as wide as possible to maximize subject isolation and there have been times where even 1/5000 shutter speed has resulted in some blown-out highlights with ISO100.

I've only read discussions around using ND filters for landscape photography so I'm wondering if there is a particular drawback they introduce for sports photography.


No issue at all. Polarizing filters can help knock down the glares from helmets as well. Just keep in mind, a good quality filter is worth the extra cost.

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