A good first telescope?

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Re: A good first telescope?

wfektar wrote:

Great review of the 120ST thanks.

There are a lot of reviews of this scope and they all seem to agree that it's a hoot to use, handy enough to take anywhere, big enough to do a pretty good job resolving some GCs and smallers OCs. Interesting you chose the motorized focuser instead of a Crayford. And good point about the red dot -- I find RDFs pointless, but as you note this thing is a big finder with the right eyepiece anyway. Have you tried using it for AP?

I have not, as yet, tried the 120ST for AP. I did consider that as one of the reasons, however, for buying it when I got it but so far it has just been for visual observing. In norther Colorado, where I live, we had an historic fire in the mountains just to the west with lots of smoke and then much of my time was spent on the annual eclipse and the Venus transit and just using it to gaze at the nice wide field of the summer sky, when it was clear. Since I am just getting back into astronomy after a hiatus of over a decade, I also just wanted to get familiar with the sky again, and it is a good scope for that. I also acquired a CG-5 go to mount but I'd gotten use to using it on an alt az mount that allowed me just to swing it about at will. That is how I like to use it. Then, I was trying to find a way to use some used binoviewers on it, very frustrating. All of this pretty much consumed a summer (along with my daughter's wedding) and well, you get the idea. Poof, another summer season gone. So now I'm getting back at it since the night comes sooner with DLS over with. I just need warm clothes... and to reacquaint myself with the winter sky again.

As for choosing the motorized focuser over a Crayford, well, it was cheaper. And there is no bumping the scope out of whack when trying to focus. That, and I did not want to change focus travel... still trying to get the binoviewer to work. 

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