Fed up with Canon How about Metz?

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Re: Fed up with Canon How about Metz?

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I'm not happy with what I'm getting from my Canon Flashes. Very inconsistent exposure with the RF models and VERY slow recycle. Crazy exposure with regular wireless TTL.

I used to use Metz flashes with no trouble at all. Any one using the Metz 58 flashes and liking them?


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I just sold my 58 af-2. Great flash but did not give me what I needed. I purchased it for the legendary auto exposure which did not disappoint. Very accurate exposures however I am a high ISO shooter when it comes to poorly lit events. I kept getting the overexposure warning beep with ISO sometimes at ISO 1600 and for sure at 3200 at wider apertures.

In auto mode when overexposure occurs with flash at high ISO’s it is because there are physical limits to how fast the flash tube can be fired then quenched. The flash simply can't turn itself off flash enough to prevent overexposure of the foreground.

I run into this using my older Metz 54MZ-3 and 50MZ-5 flashes. At about ISO 3200 & f2.0 in auto mode the flash output is too high. However, this is due to the auto circuitry, not any inability to reduce output, as I can put the flash on manual at down to 1/256 power and get good exposures. It seems the auto mode only goes down to about 1/16 or 1/32 power.

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My observation is that: many/most flashes, when in auto thyrister mode have a limitation on how many stops you can adjust the aperture index (or flash compensation) on the flash itself with respect to the iso setting. In other words, it limits how much, you can "under/over expose" the flash power for an image when compared to a simple middle tone exposure setting. The SB900 is the only flash I own that does not have this limitation. My Metz 58 af2 is limited to 3 stops of compensation. Not so sure about the circuitry limitation explanation. Regardless of the scene or flash power, the compensation limit is 3 stops. I believe it is a simple extreme under/over exposure protection.

Wanted to add that the Metz 58 af2, just like all the Nikon iTTL flashes, CAN be compensated up to 5 stops +/- quickly from the camera body using the EC button/wheel.  But the flash needs to be in TTL/iTTL mode AND the camera body set to manual exposure mode.  This is with a D700 at least.

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