Anybody go from a Canon SLR to a K5ii?

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Re: Anybody go from a Canon SLR to a K5ii?

brudy wrote:

Bananasplit wrote:

I did no go from Canon to Pentax: I own the 7D and the K5, and I like both.

The advantages of the K5 against 7D are:

1) smaller

2) a lot less noise in the shadows

3) stabilized body very helpful with the nice legacy M42 lenses

The advantages of the 7D:

1) focus speed of the 7D is amazing to me. The K5 is good but not at that level. It is certainly better than the X100 that I tested.

2) focus accuracy of the 7D is better because the K5 focus square areas (true ones not the blinking ones) are larger and the K5 can catch something outside.

3) the out-of-camera colors of the 7D are better. The ones of the K5 are beautiful but I like them less. Note that there is a variation with the used lenses here, but still this is my overall feeling and seems sometimes shared by others.

4) ergonomics: for large hands, it is not as good. I bought the grip because of that, but then I got used to it and most of the time I use it without. But the 7D feels perfect in my hands.

I do not know how the K5II is better than the K5 in normal daily use. My only trial of the K5II were in a Pentax exhibition and in the shop, and I saw no difference with the K5 except for the LCD screen which was built differently. The auto-focus was not faster (with the dim but not very weak shop lights), the colors were not better on the LCD.

I like both.

Thanks for this. The in-body IS is a selling point, and I'd probably use this for older lenses. Is there an m-mount adapter out there? I've got a bunch of m-mount and screw mount glass, as well as a few old nikon lenses.

I do not know what you mean by "m-mount". The Pentax is good to put screw M42 glasses through a Pentax adapter. Nikon glasses are problematic. You can try to put them on, just twisted. But I've read that they might be a problem with the mirror.

I'm not too concerned about colors since I always shoot raw.

I do not see how shooting raw helps. It is not a problem of WB or exposure, but a lot of work modifying the green channel, then playing with the others to modify the brown etc ... It can be done on RAW or JPEG but it needs a lot of time.

On the AF speed, I'll just need to go test and see how I feel about it. It can't feel too slow to me. And I'm fine with a smaller body, it's what I'm looking for right now anyway.

I am sure you will find the K5 focus speed fine, may be not the focus accuracy. For a small combo, I put the tiny Industar 50-2 f3.5. Not for a shallow dof, but great fun with a nice IQ pics in a very compact body.

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