Why are my pics all blurry?

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Charles Pike
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Re: Maybe there never were any pics!

Maybe there never were, but someone might want to know how to find out what they are doing wrong and you can help without seeing the picture, but it really does help to see the photo.  Look at your picture.  Is anything in the picture in focus?  If so, you didn't focus correctly and your camera picked up the wrong subject.  Is everything blurry?  Most likely camera shake.  so how do you correct for camera shake, you use a faster shutter speed, by either opening up you lens, or moving to a higher ISO, or even using a tripod.  I think that those were the things that N.Y.I. taught way back in the 80's to help a person to figure out what they were doing wrong.  And, it really is basic photography.  More people need to read a good book on photography, as most of this is so basic.


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