EOS-M using the Canon 100mm IS L-Series MACRO Lens (PICS)

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Re: The EOS-M is certainly quite useable...

Marco Nero wrote:

Markintosh wrote:

Good job posting on every post about EOS-M how slow and unusable this camera is. Do you even tried one or just talking?

The EOS-M is quite a nice camera and it's certainly quite useable. If it wasn't, I wouldn't keep it. I have other DSLRs that I could be using but there are other features, such as the touchscreen, that make it worth your while. I especially like being able to slide the AF frame about the screen with my thumb (after disabling the one-touch snapshot feature). Sticking a camera that is almost as small as the s95/s110 on to your lens is actually a great way to work. The larger APS-C sensor means larger resolution and more light-gathering abilities in low light.

Those long periods of trying to focus relates mainly to the 100mm macro... and as one other person just said, this should be anticipated with this lens. Yet I was able to take the shots in my original post without too much grief and I would not have been able to capture the same effect with other Cameras, especially compacts, without using the same lens.

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Marco Nero.

I don't know, perhaps I am missing something here, but I have problems understanding the sense of putting a huge lens onto a relatively small body that seems having problems dealing with it (slow?). Having said that, I have the highest respect for you Marco and enjoy your posts here, therefore I guess I really am missing something...

I know that this is a Canon forum, but just as a heretic (don't lynch me), why not get - let's say - a Sony NEX 6, which is supposedly much faster and you have the enjoyment of buttons for manual control (not just touch screen)? IQ is also apparently at the higher end...  seems to me that is the more sensible choice, or?

Anyway, hope you enjoy your new baby and that you will continue to share some of your fantastic picture with us.



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