G15 Shutter Lag Time?

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Re: G15 Shutter Lag Time?

For normal camera operation, Canon states the autofocus time is 170mSec and shooting time lag is 220mSec.  Just go to Amazon's G15 page, scroll down to the description, and there is a graph of lag times.

For true external remote shutter lag time:

I was working on a lightning trigger for the G15 and took some measurements of shutter lag on the G15.  The circuit counts in binary at 60hz as soon as I press the momentary switch on the circuit, triggering the remote jack on the G15, and the G15 takes a picture at 1/60th of a second in Tv mode.  I repeatedly measured between 6.5 and 7 counts.

7 * 1/60sec = 117mSec shutter lag when manually pre-focused and triggered remotely.

Hope this helps.

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