A circle leading back to the LX5, with short stops at the LX7 & Canon G15.

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A circle leading back to the LX5, with short stops at the LX7 & Canon G15.

My LX series journey started with a used LX2 a few years back. I liked it, so I later got an LX3 when they came out and kinda liked it. When the LX5 came out it was true love.

Of course, new cameras came along but I ignored them until the LX7 came out with its blazing fast f/1.4 lens. I thought about it, but kept my LX5.

Then one day when I was out on a hike I dropped my LX5. The camera was off and the lens cap was on but it still ended up with a couple nicks on the front corners. I was seriously angry.

Not only was I mad my camera had taken a tumble, I was upset with how it happened:

It was the end of a rainy day and I had put my LX5 into a Ziplock brand sandwich bag in case I got drenched on my hike. When I was done shooting I went to put the LX5 back in the bag for the walk home. I carefully opened the bag and put the LX5 inside.

Next thing I knew, the LX5 was on the ground.

The bag's seam was neatly split, all the way across the bag.

Yes, I am gonna write to Ziplock about this. I know their bags are made to carry PBJ sandwiches and not cameras but this was the kind of failure I would have expected from some 99 Cent Store brand, not a Ziplock.

But, I digress...

Even though everything still worked just fine, I decided it was time to upgrade to the LX7.

The LX7 was a snappy camera. I loved the speed of the controls and the capture rate when it bracketed. Sadly, that's all I loved. There was something slightly harsh and coolish about the files. I didn't believe it until I did some caparison shots (something I've never done before) between the LX7 and the LX5.

Confirmed. Technical superiority notwithstanding, I simply liked the images from the LX5 better.

Still, it just seemed like time to move on; what with the LX5's recent head injury.

So, I bought a G15 from Samy's on a No Tax weekend. I had a G9 and a G10 before, so I was on familiar ground.

The G15 is a really fine camera but I was underwhelmed by the operating speed, especially the bracketing (something I use often). Also, the files had a look that I didn't recall from my G10. They seem over sharpened and over saturated. But, I'm still trying hard to like the camera, and also trying some work arounds on the bracketing speed like turning off the NR and the LCD review.

How can this thing capture 10 frames at full resolution in a second but take 42 minutes to capture 3 bracketed images?

Thing is, I have the suspicion that I'm gonna end up with my banged-up LX5 after all. All of this has served to remind me of what a superb camera it's been for me.

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