Has there been any definite comparison between the Nikon and Canon autofocus?

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Re: Has there been any definite comparison between the Nikon and Canon autofocus?

ak1999 wrote:

ron purdy wrote:

There have been some head-to-head reviews posted on youtube, and the consensus seems to be that both are good, but Canon is better at tracking, and generally more accurate focusing than the Nikon. In part because Canon has a wide array of cross-type sensors, while Nikon has all the cross-types in the middle of the frame.

I suggest you look around on youtube...

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The youtube review you are talking about is not a good comparison.

The "Nikon" does not seem to understand new Nikon AF system.

He seems familiar with the legacy AF from D700 era.

Most earliy reviews are not very comprehensive because they were just trying to get them out first.

These are two different type of AF systems and they are very dependent on user's understanding and capiblity of camer AF system.

The 5D3 lacks shape and shade information form its metering system so it won't have the fuzzy logic sophistication of the D800 AF metering system.

You can get consistent and accurate results with 5D3 AF if you know type of subject movements that you will be tracking. The Canon AF one also have more parameters that you can fine tune for predicting subject position.

On the D800 subject tracking is aided by the metering sensor which acts like a mini image sensor to help keep a lock on the subject. There is no much customization parameters like those from 5D3 ones so you are relying more on camera fuzzy logic (when using 3D or auto focus point selection) to determine subject positioning.

I would say that if you shoot predictable moving subjects like track runners then the 5D3 is more reliable and accurate.

The D800 AF will be more suitable for subjects moving in a more unpredictable way.

You know, on paper, and in theory this makes sense...

Get both the d800 and 5D3 in your hands, do some shooting, and I'll bet you would say the 5D3 AF outperforms the D800 in most real-world scenarios. That was my findings, and what most other reviewers actually comparing the bodies (I mean in-hand) are finding.

They only area that the d800 has a bit of AF edge is in extremely low light.

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